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Aedificator is run by Steven, specialising in data-intensive web and smartphone applications. With several years of consultancy experience and a decade of web development practice Aedificator helps small to medium sized businesses with all aspects of running a software project, resulting in small, custom built solutions focusing on your requirements.

We are located in Utrecht, but as most of our work is remote we can work globally. If you have a project you want to discuss, contact us and we'll have a chat to see where we can help.


Ruby on Rails

Our preferred language and framework when developing complete solutions. Allows for quick build iterations and fast development. Prioritizes simplicity and speed when writing code.


Essential when developing iOS and other Apple ecosystem applications. We use SwiftUI to quickly design and build our applications while giving them a natural feel within iOS.


Makes it painless to create interactive UIs. When we need separate front-end and back-ends, React is the technology to turn to for the front-end. It allows us to build a modern web application that is fast and nice to use.


Anything back-end or data related is right up our alley. We can help with designing and building APIs, implementing data-quality rules or integrating different systems.



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